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ONLINE: Poetry workshops in conjunction with Pitlochry Festival Theatre (open to all)

The Highland Book Prize has partnered with Pitlochry Festival Theatre and the John Muir Trust to launch a poetry competition (for both professional poets and young poets/adult amateur poets, with entries due by 30th September 2020) as part of the Theatre’s Shades of Tay multi-year arts project.

In support of this, poet Jon Plunkett will be holding a series of online workshops over the next few weeks, which are open to all:

Friday 17th April at 10am: this will be an introductory 2 minute workshop.

Friday 24th April at 10am: this will be a 5 minute workshop, aimed more towards younger people.

Friday 1st May at 10am: this will be a longer workshop, with 20 – 30 minutes’ content and places where people can pause to write and reflect.

Content can be accessed via all forms of social media from the above dates/times using #PFTLightHopeJoy, where Jon has also recently posted three of his own poems.